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Not Right Now, possibly never.

December 31st/January 1st, 2009-2010

Last e-Stand e-for the e-Holidays

This year, season’s homepage greetings are all that every major religion’s sacred days have left going for them.

Snow begins to flake down like dandruff from an elephant, or at least a rhinoceros with particularly acute seborrhoeic dermatitis. We’re reminded of New Year’s, Hanukkah, Boxing Day, Epiphany, Yule, Kwanzaa, and yes, even Christmas, through the limited-edition, holiday-themed animated logo on yahoo’s homepage. It features two children and their dog building a snowman, or decorating a tree.

The O’s in Google are cleverly replaced with a pair of snowballs or pine trees. The lowercase G or E may be transformed into a twisted candy cane, although it would make a lot more sense to do so with the L.

Either way, these are not quite our main markers of the holiday seasons. Neither are the slightly modified cable channel logos, like the discovery channel with a snowflake, or snow-covered history channel trademark:

We are really thrust into the spirit once we visit the websites where we go to rub out all the unpleasant memories of this past year, and prepare for the joys of the next:

Surely this is just snow.

Such logos have been very popular with viewers. This trend has caught on in the recent years to such an extent that some relaxation websites are now catering to various demographics:

Some even opted to honor all traditions, or at least as many as possible:

And whether one is into kinara-lighting, candle-sticking, kaftan-wearing, yule-tiding, or sufganiya-punching, one thing remains clear: This thanksgiving some candy cane shafts will be dreideld. Dinoel Nikte reporting for Leonews, from the Ethernet

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